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Meet Beach Pond Home Services 

"Clear views, sparkling windows, and smiles guaranteed"

Welcome to our window cleaning company, owned and operated by a group of dedicated local college students! We're not just experts in the classroom; we also know how to make windows sparkle and shine. Since 2020, Beach Pond Home Services has been devoted to an unwavering approach to providing the highest quality clean for our customers. 

At our core, we believe in providing exceptional service while supporting our community. As young professionals, we bring our attention to detail, reliability, and professionalism to every window cleaning job we undertake.  We are passionate about providing top-notch window cleaning services to enhance the beauty and cleanliness of your home or business.

Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to delivering exceptional results and ensuring your complete satisfaction. With years of experience in the industry, we have perfected our techniques and stay updated with the latest advancements in window cleaning technology.

What sets us apart is our commitment to customer service and attention to detail. We understand that clean windows not only improve the appearance of your property but also contribute to a healthier and more enjoyable living or working environment. That's why we go above and beyond to leave your windows spotless, streak-free, and sparkling.


Window Cleaning

We provide a comprehensive services that encompasses window cleaning for both interior and exterior surfaces, removing dirt, dust, smudges, and other contaminants. We prioritize customer satisfaction, safety, and attention to detail, delivering exceptional results that enhance the aesthetic appeal, natural light transmission, and longevity of the windows. We provide a two-prong solution for your window washing needs, using a combination of hand washing, as well as, a filtered clean using a water fed pole. We are sure to provide the best clean for your buck. 

Gutter Cleaning

Our skilled team removes debris, leaves, and blockages from your gutters, ensuring proper water flow and preventing potential damage to your property. With our efficient and thorough cleaning process, we help you maintain a well-maintained gutter system that protects your home from water-related issues. Trust our professionals to keep your gutters clear and your property safe.

Soft Wash Pressure Washing

Our experienced team utilizes low-pressure water streams and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to safely and efficiently clean various surfaces, including siding, roofs, decks, and fences. With our soft-wash approach, we remove dirt, grime, mold, and mildew, restoring the beauty and integrity of your property without causing any damage. Trust our professionals to deliver exceptional results, leaving your surfaces clean, rejuvenated, and protected.

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